Interim Earnings Update (July 2017)

The value of BTC kept mostly steady or grew very slowly during the past week after the big crash mid-July. But today something weird happened: in less than 6 hours the BTC jumped by more than 12% since last week (Edited 12 hrs later: the race continued past 18% jump). This was a weekly peek which ended about 10% only 5% below the absolute maximum from exactly one month ago.

BTC/EUR exchange rate 20. July 2017
BTC/EUR exchange rate 20. July 2017. Image courtesy of Coinbase

I don’t follow Bitcoin news that eagerly and can offer no explanation, but it is most likely due to SegWit lock-in making everybody enthused once more.

So, What’s So Important?

The important thing for me is that I was able to sell 0.02204635 BTC and get about €48.- in exchange. By no accident, this is more or less exactly the cost of electricity for my mining rigs for 3 months. Whatever happens with the cost of BTC between today and the end of October, I will not be losing money. Every satoshi mined will be a satoshi earned.

From the very start of my experiment, my Number 1 priority has been not to lose money. Today’s event will help me keep that promise to myself for at least 3 months from now. Mission accomplished.


Did you manage to make advantage of this unexpected surge in Bitcoin price? Let me know in the comments below.

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