Bitcoin Core Config Generator

As I discovered recently, deploying a Bitcoin Full Node is easy. However mine is a plain vanilla node, with a bitcoin.conf file that is only 8 lines long. Did you know that Bitcoin Core 0.15 has no less than 139 config parameters that control the way it works? Because I frankly had no idea they were so many…

Thankfully, Jameson Lopp — a software engineer, Bitcoin evangelist and prominent blogger — has a solution to that. The Bitcoin Core Config Generator lists all available configuration parameters and groups them according to function (e.g. Mining, Networking, Transaction Relay, RPC API, Wallet…) along with brief descriptions of their purpose. This tool will automatically generate a config file suited to your needs while helping you avoiding typos which are always difficult to spot.

Using this tool will save you hours of reading and testing. Even if you are running a plain vanilla node like me and don’t want to be bothered with extensive configuration, it might be a good idea to bookmark this tool in case your needs change in the future. Or, you can simply revisit shortly after a new release of Bitcoin Core to see what new configuration features have been added.

Bitcoin Core Config Generator announcement on

Bitcoin Core Config Generator tool on GitHub

How do you configure your Bitcoin Full Node(s)? Are there any tips or tricks you may want to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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